Our top trade show tips

As someone who has exhibited at trade shows for many years, I can assure you that they are a great way to get your name out there and meet potential clients. They also happen to be a lot of fun! However, trade shows require a significant amount of planning and preparation leading up to the event. There are many small details and decisions involved that will make or break your experience at the show. I thought I’d take this opportunity to share a few of my tips and best practices with you:

  • Pick the right show. This tip may sound obvious, but you’d be surprised to learn how many different shows are out there. Do your research. Make sure that you are attending a trade show that is relevant to your industry with the right kinds of attendees. Just because a certain trade show is widely popular doesn’t mean that it’s right for you!
  • Consider your booth size. Your booth is the key element in your display. Check your options to ensure that you are purchasing or renting a booth that is the correct size and structure for the show layout you selected. If you are planning to do more than one trade show, consider the fact that each trade show has different sized spaces, and you need a booth that is adaptable to different arrangements.
  • Don’t misjudge your Internet and electrical. Are you planning to utilize Wi-Fi or electricity at your booth? Well you should! These features can be ordered prior to the event and will be installed for you the day of the show. Be sure to calculate the exact wattage you will need – you don’t want to be left scrambling for help minutes before the show.
  • Your floor is more important than you think. At any given trade show, you will be standing the majority of the day. On unpadded flooring, this can be extremely painful! My team and I always opt for double padding under our carpet to ensure that we will be comfortable throughout the duration of the show. Trust me, comfort is worth the extra dollars.

There are many other factors that go into preparing for a trade show. However, these are aspects that are often overlooked or missed by new exhibitors.

If you would like additional tips or advice, comment below and we’d be happy to share our knowledge with you! Or reach out to us at info@strategiadesign.com.