4 best practices for social media

Whether you love it or hate it, social media is here to stay. For businesses, this has several implications. A digital presence is no longer enough; consumers are looking for brands with active and engaging social media accounts.

At Strategia Design, we’ve been working hard to ramp up our digital presence over the past few months. We’re proud to say we’ve made significant gains and have learned quite a few lessons along the way! Since we began in August, we’ve joined 2 additional platforms and have built up our digital following:

  • Facebook page likes have increased by 37%
  • Twitter following has increased by over 300%
  • Instagram has grown over 120%
  • Pinterest followers have increased by almost 300%
  • And we’ve grown our LinkedIn following by 28%

Mastering social media is a process of trial and error, since each platform is unique and used for different purposes. We thought we’d share some of our best advice with you:

Consistency breeds trust. It is difficult to grow a following without consistent content and postings. It takes several months of steady, active use (and sometimes paid advertising) to build your page likes and follower engagement. Don’t quit, it just takes some time!

Track, track, track. You can’t grow if you don’t know your stats. Record your starting numbers and monitor growth each week. We use a white board in our office to track our numbers and keep our progress top of mind.

Be authentic & transparent. Show some emotion or personality in your postings in order to be authentic. If you use a scheduling tool, (we recommend Hootsuite!) don’t schedule the same post across multiple platforms – change up the wording and use hashtags when appropriate to avoid sounding auto-generated. You can repurpose content but don’t clone.

Celebrate your efforts. Celebrate victories, both big and small. Before you start posting, set goals or milestones that you hope to achieve. When you hit a certain number, celebrate with a treat, gift card, or other incentive to keep you motivated. It keeps the good juju coming!

What are your best social media tips? How do you navigate the different platforms? Comment below and share your favorite tips and success with us!

Of course, we’d love to connect with you on FacebookTwitterLinkedInPinterest, and Instagram. And if you need help ramping up your social media accounts – we’re here to help! Reach out to us at info@strategiadesign.com.