Is short always memorable?

Have you ever noticed how you don’t think twice asking for a Pepsi, a Coke or sending a package Fedex, when the real names of the companies started out as Pepsi Cola, Coca Cola and Federal Express? We work with many clients to create new, innovative and proprietary brand names. Some of our clients want a brand that is just initials, and I always come back and ask them… Why? They reply – It is easier to say, memorable, and short.  But in all truth, it is ONLY easier to say, memorable and short because its roots were longer and resonated with the consumer with more meaning to begin with.

Since it is March Madness, let’s look at the equities and evolutions of university brands. University of Pittsburgh or PITT. University of Texas, otherwise mostly referred to as UT,  University of Missouri or MIZZOU. People would think you were seriously uncool if you were cheering in the stands screaming “Go University of Pittsburgh” verses “P-I-T-T Let’s Go PITT!”  Brands are living things, and the clients and customers they keep mold and shape them even if they don’t want them to.

Your customers will take you where they need and want you to go. Those are words I live by. But don’t disregard the power of creating brand equity based in meaning, strong positioning and power when you are starting off. Brands need to be explained, defined and reinforced. Only then can they be shortened and recognizable at the same time.