Celebrating Strategia’s 8th Anniversary!

If someone had told me on August 21, 2005 that I would be celebrating eight years of owning and leading my own successful design and branding firm, I would have questioned their sanity. Strategia Design is the third business I have owned and perhaps the most complex. When I was 24, I started HINGE magazine – a free “zine” that was distributed at local coffee shops and record stores. Yes, I’m dating myself. I had hoped to convince the world that Generation Xers, like myself, were not a bunch of slackers, but a group of talented, hardworking, and creative people. After producing four issues and surviving a fallout with my partner, I declared bankruptcy and moved on. In 2001, my husband and I along with a good friend created an isotonic beverage for kids. We got so focused on the minutia and details of our project that we missed our window for launch, and even though we made it to shelf, the product never took off as planned.

So as a two-time entrepreneur, I was not that eager to start again. In 2005, I found myself deciding, once again, to be an entrepreneur or seek out a corporate day job. Well, you know what happened, and fortunately, it has worked out. I am so proud of what I have accomplished, but I cannot say that it is all my success. I am fortunate enough to have an amazing, extremely talented staff that has withstood the economic challenges, creative challenges and technology challenges over the years. Strategia Design is the company it has become because of our team, our synergy and our commitment.

Today, I am excited that Strategia has grown beyond just a design firm and has established itself as an expert, sought-after consultant to entrepreneurial companies, growing companies, and large retailers and manufacturers looking to bring new products and services to market.

I look forward to celebrating nine years with you again next August!