Retailers and Manufacturers

Major retailers and manufacturers are companies that are big, established and multi-level. Many are successful product manufacturers, retailers or service providers. They have talented teams who influence decisions, directions and outcomes.

They struggle because they have too much to do and limited in-house expertise to create and execute. These clients cannot take the time to explain, train and educate their partners on the retail market and supplier/vendor needs.

For these clients, we provide over 20 years of experience that has come from working both inside large retailers and supporting large retailers and manufacturers as consultants. We understand what it takes to bring a product to market, how to manage supplier transitions, cost of goods, print inventories and program consistency across multiple SKU programs. We’ve done it all, having designed and managed total corporate programs for retailers across the nation. We are the in-house department, but we live outside the firewall. We act on behalf of the retailer or supplier and function with their best interest and creativity in mind.