Growing Companies

Growing companies (mid-sized) have been bringing products and services to market for a few years and have established a name and reputation but want to take it to the next level. They are ready to jump to the next level, refine their message and branding, and play really BIG in the business world. These companies have experienced high growth, many on limited budgets and with great support from family, friends and investors. But they aren’t there yet. They need more finished and polished graphics, communications and messaging. They need to create that single point of difference that resonates with the consumers and clients to skyrocket their sales.

This is sometimes difficult because those who have worked so hard to grow these companies are very close and protective of what they’ve created.

What these people need now is help to organize, and refine the “package.” We work to evaluate how companies are communicating to their end-consumers and buyers and identify if that messaging is consistent, complete, and in line with the true value of what they bring to market. We will perform a full brand review in order to refine and build on the strengths and equities that already exist.

We chart new ways of broadening appeal, structuring communication and lowering cost of goods through package design, printing and supply chain management.

We introduce new ways of working with your digital channels, online marketing, PR and lock down your brand management.