Small, entrepreneurial companies are focused on introducing new products or services that will make people’s lives better, easier and more enjoyable. These entrepreneurs are driven and focused on their mission, and they struggle to clearly understand the big picture or vision because the details and minutia get in the way. They are climbing the ladder, and every once in a while, slip down to catch themselves, reposition and try again.

Entrepreneurial companies need someone who has their back – a company that has been in the trenches and lived their struggle. They need a company that knows how to navigate the retail world and connect with consumers – both business-to-business buyers and end consumers – who may be trying their product or service for the first time. They need a partner who understands the administrative side of small business as well as the long-term vision of where their company needs to go to sell effectively.

As a small entrepreneurial business ourselves, we’ve been there and back. We understand that getting started takes time and money, and we have learned valuable tricks along the way. We know how to map out short and long-term marketing strategies, manufacturing options and supply chain considerations.