About Deborah Ginsburg


There is one thing many of you don’t know about me. I am completely ambidextrous! That means I think equally with both my left brain and right brain. I can write with both hands simultaneously, and I approach creative problems with business solutions and business problems with creative solutions. You could say I offer both the brains and the visuals all wrapped up in one package.

I’ve had an interesting journey to get to where I am today. I started off my college career as a math major and quickly decided that I missed the creative outlook. I come from a very creative family, so advanced calculus was not going to excite me for a lifetime. What caught my interest and made me fall in love with design was color theory and composition; the idea that a well-designed piece needed to feel comfortable and effortless.

I went on to get a Bachelors of Arts in Graphic Design and a minor in Italian language having studied overseas in Florence, Italy for a year with a focus on art history, literature and language. A year later, I was awarded a Rotary International Ambassadorial Scholarship in Melbourne, Australia at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, to complete a year of independent study with a focus on the role of graphic design in a corporate environment. It was there that I truly learned and embraced the business side of design – understanding how to evolve brands over time and not lose market share, resulting in higher brand equity and ultimately, more brand value and ROI.

Because of my love for both business and design, I went back to school in 2007 and earned my MBA from Virginia Tech in 2009. I believe that only when design evolves out of sound marketing and business objectives can it truly resonate with a targeted consumer and meet the financial needs of today’s tighter business economy.

I have held many positions on both the consulting side of the desk and the retail side, with years of experience purchasing creative services and directing retail programs. I have enjoyed both positions and learned a tremendous amount over my 20 years in the business. I am on the Board of Directors for PLMA (Private Label Manufacturers Association), WISE (Women Impacting Storebrand Excellence) and am an active member in many industry associations like WBENC, WPEO, NAWBO, AIGA and ADCMW.

Though I am a west coast valley girl by heart, I now live in Northern Virginia with my husband and two kids.